What is cognition? noun, / käɡˈniSH(ə)n/ Definition: the collective processes involved in, and/or products of, the collection of knowledge processes or products of perception, learning, memory, decision, awareness, understanding, reasoning, behavior, and action Links: Wikipedia – Cognition Everipedia – Cognition Similar: Intelligence Consciousness


What is intelligence? noun, / inˈteləjəns / Definition: the quantification or measure for our ability to cognitize a measure of cognition – think, remember, act, see, hear, speak, interpret Links: Wikipedia – Intelligence Everipedia – Intelligence Similar: Artificial Intelligence Biological Intelligence Collective Intelligence Non Intelligence

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What, Why, Who, When, Where, How What Omeurai is an intelligenology & cognitology resource – a resource for analyzing Artificial, Biological, and Collective intelligence and cognition. This is done through thought experiments, stories, explanations, and confessions presented as writings, images, audio, and video. No topic is off the table, no matter how taboo – not …

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